Thursday, 11 September 2008

Socceroos on track to World Cup 2010

The Socceroos, this morning, beat Uzbekistan 1-0. I wasn't awake for the match (and it was on a channel I don't receive anyway). One step closer!! I did see the highlights on the news as I was getting up. Lovely header from Scott Chipperfield!

This leads me to think about Josh Kennedy as a striker. While I like Josh playing the position he plays, he needs to bulk up. He appears to get pushed out of the way by defending teams. He does have the height, but by the time the lob pass is made, he may be muscled out of position. I think that was the value that Mark Viduka gave the Socceroos. He wasn't the quickest or smartest of all the strikers, but he could single handedly tie up two defenders - thus freeing others.

Good luck against Qatar!

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