Sunday, 28 June 2009

My dad lives on with Google's help

Many years ago (1982 to be exact), there was a newspaper article about my father's restaurant. Kitty Kat asked me to do a search on his name, and lo and behold, Google has cached the newspaper article.

My father passed away in 1998, and I miss him greatly. It was a most pleasant surprise to find that even Google knows of him.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Odo readings and apples

On a recent trip down to Melbourne, I noticed that the odometer on the car was at a very auspicious number - especially for the Chinese, so I took a picture of it:
Odometer reading of 88888
And Kitty Kat baked a "Tarte Tatin". Awesome effort, especially since it was her first attempt. Yummy (and at the time of this post - not much left)!!
Tarte Tatin

Monday, 1 June 2009

Internet censorship in Australia

I've been looking for the past few days for any new information on the exploits of the good Senator Conroy, and his antics of providing a filter around Australia's intenet to filter out the "nasties" that may lurk on the internet. These "nasties" were originally sold to the Australian public as terrorist information, and child pornography - but as this unfolded, it appeared to include more and more items that seem to be of a personal nature to the good Senator.

I have not heard much information after late Feb 2009 - which is a positive sign, but I would like an announcement from the office of the good Senator Conroy announcing that he is no longer going to pursue the avenue of attempting to filter the internet. Articles like "Web censorship plan heads towards a dead end" (from give me hope.

C'mon good Senator Conroy - force me to remove the italics around the adjective good I've been describing you with!