Saturday, 21 March 2009

Lasagne made by an italian

KittyKat came around last night and made a lasagne from scratch. Now seeing how KittyKat is from Italian heritage, I asked her if there was going to be any B├ęchamel sauce on it. The reason I asked, was that I have been told repeatedly by qualified people in the hospitality industry that B├ęchamel sauce is a French invention, and only used on commercial or westernised versions of lasagne, and additionally that it ruined the taste and texture of a traditional Italian lasagne. I know different now - and from an Italian.

Lasagne fresh out of the ovenDinner cooked by Kitty KatDinner cooked by KittyKat

Friday, 20 March 2009

The good Senator Conroy is under threat...

Even the good Senator Conroy cannot escape being the target of legal action. According to an article in, the good Senator Conroy or people representing his investigations into the leaks of the so called "fake" ACMA blacklist face prosecution if they continue to investigate the source of the information. The fact that is hosted in Sweden is no coincidence, as this will allow it to receive the maximum protection of the law in that country.

Maybe the good Senator Conroy should not be so hasty in future to fire off draconion-like statements of how he will just persecute people for trying to access information he himself is trying to hide from the world that should be shared.

I hate how politicians hide information from the people they are supposed to be working for.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Why is an anti-abortion website on a blacklist?

I know I have not posted anything to this blog for a while, as I have been busy with the "day to day", but this one could not escape my attention.

According to an article on - Banned hyperlinks could cost you $11,000 a day, the government department that the good Senator Conroy is in charge of - ACMA, is attempting to tell a website to remove a link because it is banned, or face a financial penalty. The link is to an anti-abortion website.

What irritates me to no-end is that this is pure censorship based on religious grounds. I highly doubt there is any terrorist material or unacceptable pornographic material on this anti-abortion website. has compiled a list of what it believes is on the ACMA blacklist. This will never be confirmed as the government is keeping it a secret what is on the blacklist and what is not - but think about this - if the link stops working, then start looking in google's caches. The list may still exist there!

To everyone reading this post, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! To the good Senator Conroy, reverse all your decisions you have made about internet censorship - you are making Australia a joke in the eyes of rest of the world that values freedom of information.