Sunday, 20 June 2010

Streaming images of the World Cup via Optus

Well done to Optus for offering matches of the World Cup for free on their 3G service. The image quality is not too bad either:
Streaming football via Optus on the N900The streaming was done on the Nokia N900 after some difficulty and inconsistency from Optus. Still, well done for offering a service.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Not the result I was hoping for...

The 2010 NBA Finals have been completed, and unfortunately the result did not go the way I had hoped for. Congratulations to the LA Lakers (pity their fans let them down).

For the Boston Celtics, I am uncertain what the future will bring. Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett may only have one or two more years left in them to play. Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins will definitely have more. Maybe the team will also see more from Nate Robinson and Glen Davis. Rasheed Wallace may only have another year or so left in him.

Keep in mind what happened in the 2009-2010 season. The Celtics started with a good record of 23-5, but somewhere after Christmas 2009, the green machine started falling apart. The team had just forgotten how to win, as well as accumulate some injuries. They ended up with a 50-32 record for the season, and made the playoffs in the #4 position in the East. Then they started playing again. Along the way to the Finals, they eliminated the #1 and #2 teams in the NBA - being the Cleveland Cavs, and the Orlando Magic. They were finally finished off by the #3 team, in game #7 of the Finals series, by 4 points.

It was entertaining, and it was awesome - and would have only been made better if they had won their 18th Championship. I look forward to next year, as well as all the up and coming years that the Celtics play. I could not have summarized a better year than the way the team at the CelticsLife blog have...

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Happy Birthday NutMeg!

I was shopping for my little sister NutMeg. She has asked me to buy her a copy of Etiquette by Something with Numbers. The store I went to said it was no longer in stock, as it was a older release, and it was increasingly hard to find. While telling me this from their storeroom, I noticed the following poster:
Autographed Gyroscope PosterAutographed Gyroscope Poster

It was going to be a prize, but they noticed that they had damaged it with store tape. I was lucky enough to grab it, and I know NutMeg is a huge Gyroscope fan. If you ever have the privilege of meeting NutMeg, ask to see her back! She'll be getting this next time I'll see her!

Happy Birthday little sister!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Football and Basketball in 2010

There is one thing that all sports fans need to come to terms with when supporting their teams at a distance - NOTHING you do will affect the outcome of the results of a game. I have experienced this first hand in two separate scenarios on the same day.

Firstly, the Socceroos were handed a 4-0 loss against Germany in the World Cup. While it was upsetting to witness this, as well as the red card handed to Tim Cahill for a soft, but "from behind" tackle, I have hope for Socceroos to come back from this situation. I base it on two things I notice about the Australian line-up.
  1. At least two key strikers did not enter the game against Germany - Harry Kewell and Joshua Kennedy. Both men are able to alter the game. Harry is able to dribble and control the ball well, opening up opportunities for himself as well as other players, while Joshua has the advantage of height - leading to aerial control of cross kicks.
  2. Tim Cahill played out of position, as well as possibly some other Australian team members in the formation against Germany.
If coach Verbeek is able to address those two issue in the team, the Socceroos should be able to provide a better opponent against Ghana and Serbia in Group D. While I had ever hope that Australia would either be lucky enough for a win, or at least hold on for a draw, I did not think it would come to a 4-0 loss.

Secondly, I really want the Boston Celtics to beat the L.A. Lakers. I have supported the Celtics from the 1980s when I witnessed Larry Bird lead the team to wins over the Lakers as well as the Rockets. In 2008, I was filled with nostalgia, as I witnessed the Celtics beat the Lakers in 6 games. Now, it looks like they have a good chance of repeating that, with a 3-2 lead in the current 2010 NBA Finals series.

Going back to the first point I was making, no matter what my intentions are for either team, it is the actual players of those team that produce the results - not me. No matter how much I hope, pray, will, or wish - none of that affects the final result. It does not matter how loud I yell at the television, or at some streaming over the internet, it does not make my team score, and hold back the opponent from scoring.

Saying that...

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Optus World Cup streaming works - sometimes

I can verify that the Optus free streaming of the World Cup works on the Nokia N900. It works out that the streaming is about 15 seconds behind the broadcast on television.

Optus Free Streaming World Cup Website on the N900Optus Free Streaming World Cup Website on the N900

Media Player on N900 receiving streamMedia Player on N900 receiving stream

Nokia N900 multi-tasking the World CupNokia N900 multi-tasking the World Cup

The links on the Optus page opens up the N900's media player, and the image and sound is good, but definitely not as clear as on the television. If you're after the link to the Optus page, see my previous post, or this.

3G streaming of the 2010 World Cup on Optus

I've been hunting around the internet for the URL to stream World Cup 2010 games to my 3G mobile, as I have SMSed "World Cup" to 966 to find I get nothing back. After some searching, I've found the following URLS:
You'll need to be an Optus customer for this to work, and you'll need to register with their OptusZoo service. Hopefully this may assist some other people looking for similar information.

Lastly, well done to France in securing a 0-0 draw against Uruguay, and good luck to the Australian Socceroos in their match against Germany.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

World Cup free streaming and Celtics in the finals...

It appears that Optus (phone company) is allowing its customers to stream the World Cup games to their mobile phone in for free. I'm an Optus customer, and I'm pleased they are offering this service. Saying that, I'll probably end up watching most of the games on television, as it's much easier to watch the matches on a big screen than on the N900.

I love football (or soccer for other people) - and I really appreciate watching the world cup. Last time it happened in Germany was in 2006, and I took the whole month off work to watch the games. I probably should have found a way to go to South Africa this year, but other things happened in the past few years, and I'm in the process of fixing up things...

Allez Les Bleus!!

Kitty Kat would like to add:


Maybe this year, Italy won't win on dubious actions. Their skill in football is only overshadowed by their skill in acting / simulation. From Germany 2006, they have proven that while having some talent, they will resort to anything to give them an advantage to win - whether that be fair or unfair in the spirit of the game.

Lastly, it's been a fantastic from the Boston Celtics to dismiss the Miami Heat, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Orlando Magic to go to the 2010 NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers. In doing that, the Celtics have come from the fourth seeded team in the East to beat the top two teams in the NBA, and now face the Lakers for the second time in 3 years in an attempt to win the championship. While they have lost the first game of a seven game series, I believe they can easily come back and win the rest of the series - in a similar way to how they beat Cleveland.

Beat L.A.!!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Nokia N900 PR1.2 Multi-tasking

Just a quick update today!

I am very impressed with the Nokia N900's latest update PR1.2. It makes switching between tasks very quick. Here is a screen with 16 different applications open:

Multi-tasking on Nokia N900
I am writing this based on the fact that a few people at work have obtained the new Apple iPad. While it does look very well well polished, the fact that it does not multi-task is concerning, especially since the base system it originated from is built from the ground up to multi-task very well. Therefore, Apple must have removed the feature on purpose.

Other people have documented other reasons why the Apple iPad is not really that great. Even then, I'm sure the iPad will sell well, as the general population will always purchase form over function.

Kitty Kat has used her N900 for the past month, and is more impressed by it every day she uses it. And she did express that she originally did want an iPhone. Even the Apple iPhone is not really that great.