Monday, 14 June 2010

Football and Basketball in 2010

There is one thing that all sports fans need to come to terms with when supporting their teams at a distance - NOTHING you do will affect the outcome of the results of a game. I have experienced this first hand in two separate scenarios on the same day.

Firstly, the Socceroos were handed a 4-0 loss against Germany in the World Cup. While it was upsetting to witness this, as well as the red card handed to Tim Cahill for a soft, but "from behind" tackle, I have hope for Socceroos to come back from this situation. I base it on two things I notice about the Australian line-up.
  1. At least two key strikers did not enter the game against Germany - Harry Kewell and Joshua Kennedy. Both men are able to alter the game. Harry is able to dribble and control the ball well, opening up opportunities for himself as well as other players, while Joshua has the advantage of height - leading to aerial control of cross kicks.
  2. Tim Cahill played out of position, as well as possibly some other Australian team members in the formation against Germany.
If coach Verbeek is able to address those two issue in the team, the Socceroos should be able to provide a better opponent against Ghana and Serbia in Group D. While I had ever hope that Australia would either be lucky enough for a win, or at least hold on for a draw, I did not think it would come to a 4-0 loss.

Secondly, I really want the Boston Celtics to beat the L.A. Lakers. I have supported the Celtics from the 1980s when I witnessed Larry Bird lead the team to wins over the Lakers as well as the Rockets. In 2008, I was filled with nostalgia, as I witnessed the Celtics beat the Lakers in 6 games. Now, it looks like they have a good chance of repeating that, with a 3-2 lead in the current 2010 NBA Finals series.

Going back to the first point I was making, no matter what my intentions are for either team, it is the actual players of those team that produce the results - not me. No matter how much I hope, pray, will, or wish - none of that affects the final result. It does not matter how loud I yell at the television, or at some streaming over the internet, it does not make my team score, and hold back the opponent from scoring.

Saying that...

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