Saturday, 12 June 2010

Optus World Cup streaming works - sometimes

I can verify that the Optus free streaming of the World Cup works on the Nokia N900. It works out that the streaming is about 15 seconds behind the broadcast on television.

Optus Free Streaming World Cup Website on the N900Optus Free Streaming World Cup Website on the N900

Media Player on N900 receiving streamMedia Player on N900 receiving stream

Nokia N900 multi-tasking the World CupNokia N900 multi-tasking the World Cup

The links on the Optus page opens up the N900's media player, and the image and sound is good, but definitely not as clear as on the television. If you're after the link to the Optus page, see my previous post, or this.


  1. Hi mate. What was the original link you used to get to the stream?

    Also what data settings are you using? I have tried using the links you've posted on your blog and have had no luck.


  2. WOW! Second Josh I've communicated with over connecting to Optus 3G streaming of the World Cup.

    The original rtsp link is rtsp://

    Copy and paste it into your N900's Maemo browser, and it should open up the media player, which should then open up the stream.

    I have not made any additional configurations to network or phone. It works with both my WiFi connection, as well as my yesInternet Optus 3G connection. I will add it is more reliable with my WiFi connection, as I have noticed some drop outs with the yesInternet Optus 3G connection - but it is only free with my 3G connection.

    Feel free to post any further comments or queries here.