Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Nokia N900 PR1.2 Multi-tasking

Just a quick update today!

I am very impressed with the Nokia N900's latest update PR1.2. It makes switching between tasks very quick. Here is a screen with 16 different applications open:

Multi-tasking on Nokia N900
I am writing this based on the fact that a few people at work have obtained the new Apple iPad. While it does look very well well polished, the fact that it does not multi-task is concerning, especially since the base system it originated from is built from the ground up to multi-task very well. Therefore, Apple must have removed the feature on purpose.

Other people have documented other reasons why the Apple iPad is not really that great. Even then, I'm sure the iPad will sell well, as the general population will always purchase form over function.

Kitty Kat has used her N900 for the past month, and is more impressed by it every day she uses it. And she did express that she originally did want an iPhone. Even the Apple iPhone is not really that great.

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