Monday, 15 September 2008

Let the photo game commence...

Jarvo came up with this really good game, and him and I will play it over blog initially. Simple rules, and anyone can join in. Fork it, and play it in your locale as well.

The Blog Photo Game
Objective: Match the photo made. One person ("the master") takes a photo of something ("the mark"), and drops some clues on their blog. The other people ("the hunters") involved need to take a similar photo of the mark ("the shots").
1. Must be in your locale (currently ACT, Australia for Jarvo and me). Be reasonable - eg. don't drive out 200 kms away from your locale to take a photo.
2. The shots should be taken around the same time of day as the mark. They do not necessarily need to have the same transient objects in the photo - eg. you do not need to have the same people in the photo.
3. Where possible, do not use phone camera photos - they're grainy and they suck.
4. First person to duplicate the mark takes control of the game, and becomes the master for the next game. This doesn't stop the other hunters from still making their own shots. New masters should be announced and linked to from the original photos postings. Use the "comments" feature, which should be available on most blog pages (where possible - allow for anonymous comments on blogs). At the discretion of the original master, he or she may reveal the location of the mark. A fast game is a good game. If you become the new master, don't procrastinate and delay posting a new mark.
5. All marks and shots should be posted on a blog, and should be licensed with some open license, preferably something like Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported, or tailored for your region if required. Although you don't need a blog, it will help. There are many cost-free public blog sites out there (like this one). Do not use social networking sites that requires the participants to log in (eg. facebook), unless all you want to do is play a private game. As mentioned previously, allow for anonymous comments on your blogs in case participants want to keep their anonymity.
6. No need to GIMP or "photochop" your work - but feel free to make photos more fun!
7. When posting photos on your blog, state whether it's the mark, or if its a shot. Link to the original where possible.
8. Photos should be able to be taken in public or accessible by the public. For example, a picture of a specific tree in a park is fine - a picture taken only from the 20th floor of a building that is only accessible because you work there is not. Additionally, please refrain from taking photos from places that you have to pay admission to enter.
9. This game is open to anyone. No restrictions, and no need for an invitation! Just put comments on the master's blog. You can always remain anonymous, but if you become the new master, you will need to communicate where the hunters can see the new mark. Respect the right to privacy and use pseudonyms, unless the person consents with using their real names.
10. Do not make the marks and clues too obscure. Ideally, it should only take a day or two for the hunters to figure out where the mark was taken, so they can make their own shots. The format of the clues is up to the master.

Over to you Jarvo - you can start with the first mark. playaDee, Nike, and Tickets - you're more than welcome to join in.

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