Saturday, 20 September 2008

Happy Birthday spudman... and that's a big crack!

Happy Birthday spudman. Keep on rocking!
spudman and ric_manspudman and ric_man

spudman and I had dinner at one of my favourite Italian restaurants in Canberra - La Dolce Vita (in Kingston - the link isn't to their site, it's just to a Google search - I can't seem to find their web site). I go there once or twice a week. It has a great spaghetti marinara (seriously, it IS that good), but as Nutmeg pointed out, I also eat their pepper and cognac steak (one of the few places I will eat cooked steak) - as long as it is blue with no green beans on the side. What is it with green beans? Does anyone actually eat them? Or are they like parsley - you push it aside before you start eating? Yuk!

And since I'm taking pictures with my camera... here is one of a stone chip in my windscreen. I don't know where it came from (ie. the stone off the road) as I don't remember any cars in front of me at the time. The chip itself formed an interesting shape.
Stone chip Sept 2008Click on the image to see the enlarged version for greater detail.

Don't look for the chip if you see my car - the nice guys from Windscreens O'Brien fixed it by replacing the windscreen in around 20 minutes.

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