Sunday, 21 September 2008

Filthy with Jarvo, and the Frenchies...

Finally got to Filthy McFadden's with Jarvo (it was supposed to happen earlier), and grabbed some pics. It does grow on you, and I think in summer would be a better establishment to drink at than Phoenix - I've been told that Phoenix is hot, humid, and uncomfortable in summer. I didn't know about Phoenix last summer, as I wasn't out and about much. Anyway, here are some pictures:
Filthy's Main Square EntranceFilthy's interiorInside Filthy's looking outFilthy's Laneway entrance

Pre drinks Jarvo and ric_manL to R: Jarvo and ric_man before a drink

post drinks Jarvo and ric_manJarvo and ric_man after a drink

Jarvo has a "strange super-power" of just meeting people, but they're not normal people - they're people from overseas. Anyway, Jarvo and I have been invited to participate in some french speaking lessons. I feel sorry for my poor liver already...
Relaxing with the FrenchiesL to R: BP and Pman

Kicking back on the couch with the FrenchiesL to R: Ollie, Jarvo and BP

French hat stealerBP (after stealing my hat) and Pman

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