Monday, 12 July 2010

World Cup ball is amazing

With the World Cup of 2010 in South Africa drawing to a close, and the final between Spain and the Netherlands about to start, I went out to the local park today with the KittyKat, to have a kick around with the World Cup ball from Adidas. It has been called Jabulani, and it has had much criticism, especially from the goalkeepers in the World Cup tournament. It is apparently the most spherical ball ever made for a World Cup. It dips and rises when it is kicked into the air, and Jabulani is considered to be supernatural.

Adidas Jabulani Ball
Upon commencement of using the ball, I found it to be just like every other football I have ever used. You kicked it, and it would move. You kicked it straight, and it went straight. Then I kicked it with the inside of my right foot, and put spin on the ball as it floated through the air. What surprised me was that it actually curved in the air. I have never been able to achieve that feat before with a regular football. I do not know what exactly has contributed to this. It could be the grooves on the ball, or the fact that it is very round. KittyKat was also able to make the ball dip and swerve while in the air - but I do not know if she did that on purpose. It is truly an incredible (if not supernatural) ball. I do not claim to be a professional footballer, and I am sure a footballer with some proper skills would be able to make the ball do far more unpredictable flights.

The Jabulani ball can still be obtained in stores. I believe at the Adidas store in Bourke Street sells it for around $200 (in Australian Dollars). Shopping around, you could probably pick it up for around $150. I got my ball off ebay for $55 (which eventually cost under $80 including delivery). The only advice I can offer is that if you want one, shop around!

Secondly, with the finals, I am truly looking forward to this one. Spain and Netherlands have never won a World Cup. This gives me hope, as I can picture Australia one day climbing the heights to the finals of the World Cup. It may not happen in Brazil 2014, but it may happen after. With power teams like Italy and France crashing out in this World Cup, but being the first and second team of Germany 2006, anything is possible.

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