Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Conroy considers filter for 12 months

In somewhat of a surprise to some people, but a prediction by most people that know Information Technology (IT) issues, the good Senator Conroy has decided to hold off from implementing the firewall around Australia's Internet - instead hoping to research the technical aspects of the concept. The newly elected Prime Minister Gillard has already said she is supporting the idea behind the firewall. This has been interpreted as an appeasing of Christians and obtaining their votes. I would have thought that in this day and age, in the country of Australia, the fundamentals of a logical government would be to segregate religion from state. Do not make decisions based on religion.

I am a realist. I know that with election being a "popular vote", that this will never be the case. If I was a politician, I would promise anything I could to as large a demographic I could to ensure my job is safe for another 3 to 4 years.

This being the case, I hope that Australians let logic prevail. A closed system of censorship is not the answer to keeping the "nasties" out of Australia. I want the system to be transparent if it is implemented. I do not want a politician censoring a portion of the Internet that they do not want me to read - just because it criticizes what they do. I would not be happy if my blog got censored, just because I made a comment about the current PM and the IT minister. Publish the list of "nasties", as if the filter truly works, what will there be to fear.

More importantly, promote education and family. Get parents to help children understand the Internet, what they should be looking at, and what they should not be looking at. Unfortunately, the Internet "nasties" exist due to a need. Is some of it inappropriate, disgusting, degrading, or immoral? Yes - but I will make a choice what I will see, and what I will not see. I do not trust that a politician is the best judge for me, as they all have their own personal agenda and motives they want to coerce onto the citizens.

Do something against censorship! Australia - vote wisely!

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