Saturday, 24 July 2010

Another time at Inception

I'm off to see Inception again. The movie is fantastic, and interests me on many levels. It has elements of other films I truly enjoy - like The Matrix series, and eXistenZ. I will not link to the film directly on wikipedia, as the entire plot is available to be read, but I will give you the link to Google's search on it. You can decide whether you want to spoil the film if you have not seen it by reading the plot.

What appeals to me about the style of films that it questions reality. There are realities within realities. I appreciate how they make the transition from one to another. It makes me question my own. It also makes me think about how little my problems are sometimes. Things that happen to me may appear to be so insignificant to so many other people. The films make me appreciate my own reality. And if I do have problems, I understand they are not the end of the world or universe for me. I can find work arounds. I can find other ways to do things. Other people may have a better life than me, but I also know I have it a lot better than many other people.

People in this world seem to forget that. They seem to think they are the most important people in the world. They seem to think their problems are the worst ones out there. They appear to forget that there is always someone worse off then they are, but only think about that there is many people better off than they are. I know I have done it myself, but I am also fortunate in knowing I have people that appreciate my company, and add value to my life.

Getting back to the movie, it is entertaining, and thought provoking. If you liked the Matrix series, then I do recommend you to see Inception. If you watched the Matrix, and still could not understand or appreciate it, then stay away from seeing Inception. You always have choice...

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