Thursday, 13 November 2008

You can't stop stupid from happening...

As the saying goes:
You can't stop stupid from happening, but sometimes you can fight it!
How aptly it applies to the idea behind the content filter at the ISP level that the good Senator Conroy believe will get rid of all the filth on the internet. Just to recap:
  1. The good Senator Conroy is in support of a firewall-like content filter for all internet traffic coming into Australia.
  2. The good Senator Conroy initially suggested that there was an opt-out option. This has now changed to be a compulsory portion, and an option portion.
  3. The initial trials and pilots have suggested that internet speeds will be reduced up to 83%. This contradicts what the Rudd government has promised at the last election in 2007 - to improve Australia's broadband.
  4. The good Senator Conroy will not describe what will be banned from the Australian public to view on the internet. This will be kept as a "secret list", and be only known to a few privileged groups or individuals.
  5. The good Senator Conroy has labelled anyone that does not support his solution for internet content filtering as a supporter of child pornography.
  6. The good Senator Conroy has asked for ISPs to join in on another trial to be started at the end of 2008.
Well it looks like at least one person is willing to take up the battle. Michael Malone, from, will join the trial and allow his ISP to have the filtering software installed. He is not attempting to approve of the good Senator Conroy's solution - but instead show hard evidence that the system does not work, and will cause performance problems to the internet experience for his customers.

My main concern with this solution, is that what will the government allow me to read. I hate censorship. Will they block articles that are critical against them? Writing blog articles like this, will I be able to access them one day if the solution gets implemented? Everyone in Australia should take action against this solution from the good Senator Conroy.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." -- Edmund Burke

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