Sunday, 16 November 2008

Ubuntu 8.10 quick review

Ubuntu Linux was released late last month. I've updated the PC I have Ubuntu 8.04 installed to 8.10, and noticed that the upgrade process was seamless - the way it should be for any operating system.

So what have I noticed so far?
  • The visual integration in the desktop with the applications seems to be a whole lot better.
  • Compiz works - and really well (see screenshot below).
  • The kernel is up to date - being 2.6.27-8-generic.
  • No sound conflicts with Firefox and MoviePlayer.
  • Networking has been changed - and appears to be set up to work with many more interfaces.
I won't go into great detail - there are other posts on the web that have more in-depth reviews like Bizarre Linux, and Linux and Microcontroller Tips. And as mentioned previously, compiz works a whole lot better, as it only worked partially in ever release until this one (or required manually altering the configuraiton files) - and here's the screenshot:
Ubuntu Linux 8.10 Desktop Screenshot with Compiz
There is something which I found odd about the latest release of Ubuntu, the fact that it still does not have version 3. My Gentoo machine has already gone through the update process on this, and is running the latest version. Stating that, I have noticed that my Gentoo machine still is not running the latest verison of Firefox. I guess it is all "swings and roundabouts".

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