Sunday, 9 November 2008

At least Senator Conroy thinks he is doing some good

There has been a lot of backlash, especially from the Information Technology (IT) sector of the public against the good Senator Conroy's cleanfeed internet filter. What is surprising to me is that this is now being picked up by more general members of the public.

I was speaking with a friend's wife, and she was opposed against the internet filter - even though she has children of her own. She still thinks that her education of her own children and her monitoring their web access is a far better solution that the government spending $44.2 million from the tax payers on a system which will be circumvented if that is the intent of the internet user. She has sent an email to the office of the good Senator Conroy, even going so far to say that she is a mother of 3, and opposes the idea (and you can see what I sent as well).

Why does the government think it can just put a band-aid solution on something and hope it fixes it - just to please a small minority of people? makes an interesting point in #5 - the support of this filter is proposed by people that do not make rational arguements. It's like a "bury the head in the sand" approach once the filter is implemented.

For anyone "sitting on the fence", research the topic, and do something about it!

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