Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Report for cleanfeed is available on the web

According to "Internet filtering? Just say no" (on itwire.com), ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) has released a PDF which contains the report of the internet filtering trials. I urge everyone to download this and read this, and what this report suggests has a good possibility to be implemented.

One aspect of the filtering which is of great interest is that fact that cleanfeed will be able to look at HTTPS traffic. This means that anyone doing any financial transactions has the possibility of their credit card or banking details tracked by the government. I'm sure they will say they have no interest in looking at those things for the "good, law-abiding citizen", and they're only going to monitor criminal activity. While this may seem good "at face value", the fact that my financial details will be logged by the government, and may be viewed by a range of people that I have not authorized is worrying to me.

To everyone - TAKE ACTION NOW! If enough people make noise, there may be a possibility to stop a system that will cripple the internet for all Australians. And stopping the filter from being implemented now will be far easier than removing it once it is implemented.

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