Monday, 19 November 2007

A gentle sunday walk...

Chinese EmbassyNew Zealand High CommissionPNG High CommissionYesterday I decided to take a walk to Parliament House from where I'm staying in Canberra city. Along the way I decided to take photos of what I saw. I got side-tracked a little when I saw the British High Commission (which would be equivalent to the top-level embassy or consulate office), and that led me onto the Chinese Embassy. If anyone ever visit Canberra, please make sure you take a walk / drive past the foreign Embassy section which should be approximately west of Parliament House. The Chinese Embassy is done with a Chinese theme, complete with a Chinese tiled roof and Chinese ornamental garden. The New Zealand High Commission has some metal cow sculptures out the front of it, and the Papua New Guinean High Commission is what I would consider is in the shape of one of their tradition abodes.

Just a word of warning - don't spend too much time around the US of A Embassy. I was approached by the Australian Federal Police and asked to move along. They were not rude, and were very professional and polite. It was just somewhat unnerving to be asked to be hurried along. There was absolutely no one else there (being a Sunday morning), and I was dressed in a t-shirt and shorts - hopefully I wasn't posing a threat. If you ever met me, you wouldn't think I was threatening in any way.

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