Wednesday, 7 November 2007

2 weeks down, and missing the ones I love...

I've just started my 3rd week of what could be a 6 to 12 months stint in Canberra. My housemate just came back from Melbourne after spending the long weekend down there (Melbourne Cup). In the 2 weeks that I've been in Canberra, I've managed to see:
  • The War Memorial
  • The National Museum
  • Bits and pieces all over the place
I'm missing Melbourne greatly, as my wife and our four-legged daughter is down there. It feels weird as tonight is also the Wednesday night meeting for LUV (it's usually on a Tuesday night - except for November due to the Melbourne Cup weekend). Last month I attended the CLUG meeting and was lucky enough to hear Tridge speak, but it wasn't the same as LUV. In a very geeky act, I introduced myself to him and thanked him for his contributions to Open Source.

I really miss Melbourne...

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