Wednesday, 3 August 2011

IE users not that smart

In an interesting article on - it appears that users of Microsoft's Internet Explorer have a lower IQ than users of other browsers.

Who would have thought this?

I do not know of how reputable the survey was, but I offer some insight to the article's findings. If you make something for the masses, by the law of averages, you are going to have a mix of smart people, average people, and not so smart people use it. This will "even" out any sample and mean that what you have is a typical indication of IQ in this case. Make something more obscure, and not readily available, and only people that read and are willing to learn will try things.

Therefore, it may make some sense that Microsoft's IE average users are lower in IQ (over a large survey spread), than people that use Firefox, Chrome, or even Opera, and Camino.

The best thing this survey does show is that we are not forced to use only one browser, but everyone has a choice.

Apparently, the survey has been labelled as a hoax, but it still has me appreciating browser choice!

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