Thursday, 18 August 2011

A carton of Quai54s

In a follow up to Quai54s, here is an image of the shoes before I disposed them:

Air Jordan V Quai54

I only took this picture, as I rarely buy the same shoe more than twice. I have bought some of my favorite shoes, in quantities of two, as I find myself liking an item (and this does not directly apply to shoes), then finding out a few years later on that I would like another item, but they no longer produce them.

In the case of this particular shoe, I was far from impressed by it. I do not appreciate the look for the Air Jordan V, and I did not like the colour scheme employed by this shoe. If other people like this shoe's look, then that is fine with me too. I do not have an issue with that - I will not judge or discriminate against your tastes or choices. This particular shoe is not the shoe for me.

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