Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Burn, Chewie, Burn!

Along the lines of a previous post of Cheap Slivers Premium Deck, I found the Fire & Lightning Premium Deck at the Dungeon of Magic (located in the Royal Arcade, Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne City). This all relates to the game Magic: The Gathering (MTG).

In the same way the Slivers deck was cheaper than what I have seen before, the Fire & Lightning deck was also cheaper than I have seen before - being $30. In case you are wondering what the package looks like, here it is:
This led to an interesting revelation from Chewie. I was buying some cards to top up my deck when he accused me of cheating (while we were in the store).

I asked him "Why?"

He responded by saying I should have used my (customized) Kamigawa ninja deck as it was. I told him I built it myself by merging some pre-constructed decks with some of my own ideas. At this point is where the revelation struck Chewie - the game / deck is fully customizable to the way you want to play it. He tried to make an argument that I should have played the deck as it was (again). I said I could not as it has already been altered. At this point, the store attendant suggested to Chewie that he could also customize his game by purchasing some of the products he had for sale.

So, to be "fair" until Chewie gets a better understanding of the game, I will use either the Fire & Lightning deck or the Slivers deck on him "out of the box". Any other suggestions on how to be fair?

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