Monday, 5 April 2010

Things they could fix in Canberra #9

After visiting a the National Zoo and Aquarium, I am not surprised to find another thing that Canberra could fix - the Aquarium itself. I do not know whether it was poorly designed, or poorly constructed, but according to one of the staff, the walk through area had a leak, and was closed. This has closed indefinitely. Canberrians used to speak of going to the new Aquarium when it first opened and looking at the fish swim around you. This is what you can expect of it now:
National Aquarium walk-through sectionIf you want to go to one that "works", try going to the Aquarium in Melbourne. The National Zoo in Canberra should also update their website. It does not appear to have been updated since 2007, and it claims to have the largest saltwater tank in Australia at 220,000 liters. They did not take into account the 2.2 million liters of the tank in Melbourne.

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  1. The Walk-Thru tunnel at the Aquarium was certainly poorly constructed. It was riddled with concrete cancer when the present owners purchased the Aquarium, and was, I beleive, leaking like a sieve.It was a huge inherited problem, as was the poor and outdated signage that is slowly being replaced as funds allow.
    The web site clearly states that they have the largest INLAND salt water tank, and this is indeed the case with the huge cylindrical Coral tank currently on display. The tank in Melbourne is impressive, and so it should be with all the money thrown at it, but much easier to top up with saltwater than the tanks in Canberra, which lie a good 2 1/2 hour tanker trip from the coast.
    The date on the website I am sure is the date the site was constructed, (copyrighted)not the last date it was updated.