Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Full steam ahead for Conroy

The good Senator Conroy is still in the belief that he is doing the correct thing - trying to save Australian net users from the dangers and disgust of an unregulated Internet. He does not appear to be backing down from his stand. According to an article on - Conroy has attacked Google, and ignored pleas from government of the USA to stop his plan of putting an Internet filter around Australia. If you do decide to click on the link, you'll notice that this article has gathered 800+ comments in around 24 hours. I do not know of any other topic that would gather this much attention.

There are even comments from concerned parents asking for Conroy to leave their lives alone. This sole person, who was put in charge of making the Internet better for Australia has been slowly eroding it.

Now the bill goes to government in the next month. If the opposition support it, it will become law. I hope none of the politicians forget they are there for the majority of the people, not just the wowser minority. There's an election coming later in 2010. I've got a suggestion for every Victorian - to make a change that will benefit Australia, and free speech for this world - VOTE CONROY OUT OF OFFICE!

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