Monday, 7 December 2009

Things they could fix in Canberra #6

Today, I'd like to write about geographic location, it being one of the biggest waste of taxpayers' money.

According to 2 former prime ministers of Australia, Canberra is a "great mistake". OK... I'll agree with them, but I do not necessarily agree with their locations, based on the fact I would not like Sydney or Melbourne unnecessarily spoiled with the "public servants' mentality". Former Prime Minister John Howard did everything he could to stay away from Canberra - preferring to live in Kirribilli House (Sydney), than in "the Lodge".

The amount of spending done on the extravagant parliament building was an absolute waste. Completed in 1988, it cost over AU$1.1 billion. It must be a good feeling to spend someone else's money, and then think up new rules and fines to extract more money from them.

To fix it, move Canberra to Bateman's Bay or Albury / Wodonga. Canberrians will get a beach (with Bateman's Bay), and maybe the place will feel like it has some character. Do not do this with another waste of tax payers money. Move it bit by bit. Whenever a new government department is being started in Canberra, build it in the new location. After a while, with the natural attrition of buildings (something Canberra seems to be going through in Woden at the moment - ie. tearing down old buildings to build new ones), the whole city will be relocated. Business and other entities (eg. AIS) can be relocated to other major capital cities. If people are willing to come to Canberra to train for sporting events, I'm sure they would be able to do the same training in Adelaide or some other city. Maybe then Canberrians will realise that their property prices are inflated by the local council / government in an effort to raise stamp duty revenue - as there are no real benefits of living in Canberra.

"Canberra - serving no purpose than to come up with new rules for Australia, and to extract money from Australia!"

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