Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Everyday Hyperizes

Following on in the collection of sneakers I seem to be acquiring, I already have the White Men Can't Jump Nike Hyperizes, but I am not wearing those on a daily basis. Here are my normal day to day Hyperizes, but as you can see, I've already started wearing them, so they're not as clean as when they first came out of the box.

Nike Hyperize 03Nike Hyperize 09Nike Hyperize 01 Nike Hyperize 04Nike Hyperize 05Nike Hyperize 02Nike Hyperize 06 Nike Hyperize 07Nike Hyperize 08Nike Hyperize 10Nike Hyperize 11
Nike Hyperize Gold and White

These shoes are incredibly comfortable. KittyKat says it's like "walking on a cloud". Even her brother has a pair.

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