Thursday, 30 September 2010

Nike Hyperfuse not so tight

In a previous post, I wrote about how I appreciated the features of the Nike Hyperfuse shoes, but they were tight, and may be too tight for some people. I believe I have now found a way to address that - by re-lacing the shoes. After some quick searching, I stumbled upon Ian's Shoelace Site - and in particular Lattice Lacing. Here is the final result:
Nike Hyperfuse Lattice LacedNike Hyperfuse Lattice Laced

Shoes are now more comfortable, and easy to slip off and on. The lacing opens up the midfoot and stops them from being so tight, while also giving the shoe an interesting look. I will not recommend this to the shoe if you use it primarily for sport, as you want to take advantage of the tight and responsive feel of the shoe. If you are going to use it primarily to play basketball in, then leave them in the default lacing configuration (out of the box), and for the extra support, lace them up to the top eyelet.

As a final note in praise of Ian's website, he has investigated why tied shoelace bows look crooked or slip, and offers suggestions to address the problems. Well worth the read!

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