Saturday, 23 January 2010

New Air Jordan 6s (Retro) released

For those of you who may not know, today (23.01.2010) is the day that Nike re-released the Air Jordan VIs / 6s. This is THE most significant shoe for me and my collection of shoes, as these are a copy of the first pair of Air Jordans I have ever owned. I remember, in either 1990 or 1991, purchasing a pair, with the assistance of my mother, who was the financial bank roll for half the cost. The truth to the purchase was that I liked them for comfort and for the style - I did not know that Michael Jordan was such a dominant force in NBA basketball. Apparently, his championships started with this shoe (but it's due to the talent of Jordan himself and the Chicago Bulls team, not necessarily this shoe). Your can also see where some of the inspiration for the Air Jordan 6rings fusion shoe came from - the heel "spoiler" and the laces spring tab.

I believe the original Air Jordan 6s were somewhere in the AU$150 mark. Originals from this time now cost around AU$400 to AU$900, depending on condition. This is what Footlocker had today (last pair in size 11):

Air Jordan 6s Pic #1Air Jordan 6s Pic #2Air Jordan 6s Pic #3Air Jordan 6s Pic #4Air Jordan 6s Pic #5
So... what has changed after all this time? From memory, I believe there was a Nike logo and Swoosh symbol on the heel. It is now replaced with a Jumpman logo. The other thing I noticed was that the modern-day materials made the shoe feel stiffer. I was told by the sales person that this is due to the newer, more durable materials and fabrics used, but I'm guessing only time will tell.

If you are interested in getting this specific shoe, and your local shoe store is out of stock, try eBay. eBay appears to have a huge range of originals and retros available.

The next question is whether I wear them, or I shelve them like I am with the White Men Can't Jump Hyperizes I have still in their boxes. Any suggestions?


  1. I do NOT endorse the on-line store above, as I have never done any deals with them. Be careful in any purchases you make with them - but I welcome any and all comments about them.