Friday, 22 January 2010

Mrs Clinton is against internet censorship

I recently read an article where Hillary Clinton (wife of former president of the USA, Bill Clinton) denounces internet censorship and cyber attacks. She has called for the USA to stop doing business with countries that allow for internet censorship, and those that have lenient laws on cyber criminals. This is an interesting stance. China makes the majority of goods in today's society and this statement could affect them. China is a country know to have internet censorship and cyber attackers in their fold. Apparently, Google is considering pulling their offices out of China due to recent attacks on their services from within China. Can the USA afford to stop doing business with China?

The stance from the good Senator Conroy is still to implement a content filter for the internet (as of December 2009). I wonder if the US will stop dealing with Australia now...?

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  1. I think Mrs Clinton prefers to be known as the Secretary of State of the USA. She gets very upset when referred to as the wife of the former president of the USA.

    Unfortunately I don't think Clinton's denouncement is going to result in any change to Aus-US relations.