Friday, 5 December 2008

Who wants the cleanfeed filter? Raise your hand!

Seriously, who wants this filter in Australia? After reading "Cash floods in for anti-censorship protests" (on, the good Senator Conroy has been reported as stating in senate question time that the previous filtering scheme from the Howard Government, known as NetAlert, was to be shut-down due to "extraordinarily small usage".

If that is the case, and I do remember that the campaign was advertised on both television and in a letter drop, it suggests that not many people were interested in censoring material on the internet. Anyone that is interested has since installed the software on their PC, and have not affected the speed, performance, or the content of the internet for the rest of Australia. The article also suggests that this type of filtering is also better, as it allows for fine tune filtering to occur by the custodians of the PC. This leads me to ask:

Please good Senator Conroy, tell me why you want to go through with implementing your cleanfeed internet filter when it appears that only a very small minority of people want it? Are you not elected by the people, to help the people?

There's a few links on my previous post for you to look at if you're interested in campaigning against this type of draconian censorship. Also have a look at:

And as of this post, I am still waiting for a reply from the good Senator Conroy from the email I sent him. I wonder why he hasn't responded to me...

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