Monday, 1 December 2008

Does anyone want the cleanfeed filter?

I am still waiting on the good Senator Conroy, or at least one of his representatives, to respond to my email that I sent to him asking him to not implement the cleanfeed internet filter around Australia.

Interestingly enough, now children's welfare groups are voicing their opinion against the cleanfeed internet filter. Who are you trying to protect, good Senator Conroy? Maybe you just want to be able to censor what the Australian public are able to access on the internet, for your own personal gains. Parents don't seem to be too concerned either, as there was less than a 10% uptake of the previous filtering software provided by the Howard government. Stop wasting my tax dollars!

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  1. this whole stupid idea is an obvious sop to the family first nutter. seems the alp was too clever by half. hoisted by their own petard. moral: don't do preference deals with born agains. if the gov was to be serious about this they would do well to remember that over 80% of cases of child sexual abuse occur in the HOME.

  2. Church and state should always be kept separate - ALWAYS!