Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Senator Conroy tactics

After being violently sick for most of yesterday at the Australian Government's attempt to filter the internet, I have now been put into the "bucket", by an elected official, that I support child pornography!

"Senator Conroy, as Mr Rudd's delegate, is running around trying to silence dissenting members of the public, and labelling people who disagree with him as supporters of child pornography," he added. Conroy's office did not immediately respond to a request for comment. -- From zdnet.com.au

I do not think the majority of people who value their freedom support child pornography. I state this clearly, as I DO NOT SUPPORT CHILD PORNOGRAPHY! I will admit there is a small percentage of people that are into that activity, but I think that would cross over to people working in politics, law enforcement, religion, and other areas of social purity. What a totally fascist tactic used by the elected official! And it is the fault of the Australian public with the wool pulled over their eyes for allowing this to happen! Senator Conroy, please do not label me - since you do not really know me!

Working and living overseas is becoming a better option on a daily basis. Where is a V figure when you need him? What ever happened to good parenting? Did people just stop caring one day? When did we decide that one man knew best, and could decide what a whole nation is allowed to know? My ex-wife came back from a holiday in China last year, and the majority of the young, good citizens of China do not know what happened in Tiananmen Square protests - mainly thanks to their protective government! And that was only 19 years ago! The common Chinese person who remembers that incident has been convinced never to discuss it. Is Australia turning into one of those countries?

You may think not, but how much more power are we going to afford these elected officials to make more decisions on our behalf.

I'm off to be sick now... but you should read more!

"People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people."
-- V (V for Vendetta - 2006)

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