Monday, 27 October 2008

Making the internet worse in Australia!

This topic really irritates me - Mandatory Content Filtering in Australia (on I understand that there is a minority (yes - a very small percentage of the population) that likes to use the internet for things that are "just not right", but the rest of the population knows what's right from wrong, and knows how to behave accordingly. This really is the mentality of one child playing up in a classroom, and the whole of the class is punished with detention.

The internet in Australia is already slow enough. I wish it would just get faster, yet the government has decided to introduce this crap even after they promised to invest in speeding it up after the election in 2007? It appears that if they do invest in improving the current internet infrastructure, it will only bring it back to the speeds we are all used to.

Looking at different reports about the filtering scheme, they have already run a trial in Tasmania. Firstly, it showed that if people want to get around the filter, they can. Secondly, and this is what really upsets me the most (as I am very opposed against censorship), about 6% of the content is inappropriately filtered. That's approximately 3% of proper sites have been filtered out, as well as 3% of the improper sites have been let through.

What can you do?
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I have already written to Prime Minister Rudd in the past about this (as well as already blogging about it), and I received a formal letter in response stating I should not be concerned for any disadvantages will be minimal. I feel like I have already been lied to - now I'm feel like I am being told I do not know better for myself.

I think I'll be sick for the rest of the year now...

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