Saturday, 14 June 2008

One game to go until #17!

Due to the work ethics of the Boston Celtics, the Celtics have turned a 20+ point deficit in game 4 (against the Lakers) to into a 6 point win on the road. With 6:45 left in the 2nd quarter, the score was Lakers 45 - Celtics 21. The Celtics rallied hard to catch up, but didn't reach the Lakers score until 10:12 left in the 4th quarter. Then with 4:07 left in the forth quarter, the Celtics finally hit the front, and ended up with 97 points, compared to the 91 points of the Lakers. Paul Pierce seemed instrumental at this, by guarding Kobe Bryant in the 4th quarter, but it didn't hurt that the other two of the Celtics' big 3 (being Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen) stepped it up. James Posey made some decent points, while Eddie House stepped up for a partially injured Rajon Rondo. I guess coach Rivers deserves credit on this win as well.

The best thing I find about the Celtics being so high profile at the moment is that amount of merchandising I am finding in the stores. Take for example the Adidas Celtics Cap I recently purchased:Boston Celtics capDuring the 90s, the only way to find something like this would be to order it directly from the USA - something that was costly when done from Australia. Now, I am able to find team jerseys, team shorts, caps, T-shirts, jackets, and other items available in many major chain stores, as well as boutique sports stores. I just wish it was like this for the past 20 years - but during the 90s it was mainly Chicago Bulls merchandise with the number 23 on it. Don't get me wrong, I respect Michael Jordan, and think the only thing that would have improved Jordan was if he had played for the Celtics. I still have two Celtics jackets that I purchased about 20 years ago, and other bits and pieces (like wall pennants, and trading cards) - but sadly, all the caps I had are lost in time.

Saying all that, it's been awesome that for their run to their 17th championship, the Celtics are in the finals against the Lakers. So now it comes down to one more game in LA before the Celtics can claim the championship. They are in a 3-1 advantage for the best of 7 series, and statistical history is on their side.

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