Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Dogs on beanbags and tuckerboxes

I just drove back from Melbourne to Canberra, and my car consumes around 11L/100kms. This means if I fill up just before I leave Melbourne, I need to stop in Gundagai to fuel up (at the BP with 98 Ultimate). Everytime I've stopped, I've always been interested in seeing the "Dog on the Tuckerbox". This time I drove off from the petrol station, and stopped, and took a picture:Dog on the TuckerboxThis is a somewhat famous icon, and has been mentioned in literature, as well as some songs. Don't ask me for more information on this topic - I think the web will be able to provide much more information. It made me think of my little girl who's living with my wife who I haven't seen for over a month (long story - and this is not the time).Jazz on the beanbagThis is Jazz, and she is a beautiful Vizsla. This photo was taken about a year ago - the dog on the tuckerbox was taken earlier today. I miss them both very much - not the dog on the tuckerbox though.

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