Wednesday, 18 May 2011

New look for the blog, and some more news...

Regular readers of this website may have noticed I have just updated the template while still keeping some of the design elements from my old look.

Blogger have brought in new blog templates some time ago, and I never got around to looking for one that I liked the design, giving me an excuse to transition. After looking through all the designs on offer, I merged some design elements of the old blog with this new template - the main one being the "wallpaper":
Additionally, I have been contacted by Armen Hareyan of, who asked me if I would like to try writing a news article about a current news topic. The result was a quick article on the recent incident of the Qantas A380 Quick Fuel Stop in Adelaide. I will advise if there are more to follow, but I do not think I will be suited for the life of an on-line journalist.

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