Thursday, 12 May 2011

Heat beat Boston in 2011 Playoffs

News of the Miami Heat beating the Boston Celtics in game #5 of the 2011 NBA Playoffs is starting to trickle around the web. Well done to the Miami Heat - they played a good powerful type of basketball. Boston in the past have played like that, but obviously this time around, it did not.

As mentioned previously, Rondo was the key to success for 2011. With Rondo's dislocation of his left elbow in game #3, it was incredible that he came back on the floor later in that game to lead the Celtics to a win. His arm hung limply in game #4 and game #5. It was an incredible performance.

For 2012, the team may need to consider a few things:
  • Coach Rivers may not be coming back. If this is the case, they should find someone over the summer to fill in a passing mindset with good defensive strategy.
  • Shaq does not look like his body can handle anymore basketball. Jermaine O'Neal is not a good replacement for Kendrick Perkins. I have not felt any confidence in any of their other center positions. They should try to do some smart "shopping" over the summer to get a center with a defensive mindset with a hard-work mentality.
  • Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett are approaching the sunsets of their careers. Garnett is only playing with bursts of brilliance every other game. Pierce and Allen should be OK for the next year. They need to find quality backups for all these roles in the next 2 years.
Other than that, I hope the Celtics team and family have a good rest, heal well (especially for Rondo), and come back strong next year. I do not want to wait another 22 years for the next championship.

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