Sunday, 29 August 2010

6 months back in Melbourne

I've been back in Melbourne now for the past 6 months. I'm enjoying being back in the town where I was raised - especially in comparison to Canberra. Melbourne has its own "vibe". There is always something to do. It is never dull. If you are not into looking at trees and hills in Canberra, then you will get bored very fast.

I have just wrapped up a 6 month contract in Melbourne, and am looking for some time off before I embark on another contract. I do not have anything lined up as I write this, but the market is still quite active, and there are many opportunities I am being introduced to.

While I have some time off, I thought I would resurrect a game I played while I was in Canberra. The reason for starting it was that Canberra was very stagnant, and I was interested in making it more interesting. Unfortunately, it did nothing to make Canberra any better. The game I am talking about is the blog photo game. In the next few days, I am intending to take some photos of Melbourne and post them on this blog. Find the same picture, and take it yourself. In a way, think of this as a different "grassroots" version of foursquare. While thinking up this game, I did not think of replicating it. I do not want to have real-time updates. I do not want to know people exact locations.

So my intention is to take some pictures of Melbourne, and post them on this blog, and see if anyone is willing to take over. There may be several games / threads in play at the same time. At least it will encourage me to get out and take some photos of a great city. If last time was an indication of how this game will work, it will have a small following that will fizzle out. I hope it changes this time.

Feel free to play - everyone is welcome.

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