Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Fix for Firefox 3 in Gnome on Gentoo

A few days ago I blogged about a conflict problem I was having with Firefox 3 on my Gentoo box. I did some further searching on the internet and found a fix on one of the mailing lists that caters for Gentoo topics.

Essentially, to fix it, you need to alter the /etc/make.conf file and alter the USE flags so that it includes the following:

USE=".... -firefox xulrunner ..."


$ emerge -DNuva --with-bdeps y world

and everything should be right. This will also recompile anything that was using Firefox as a basis, and convert it over to Firefox 3.0.5. Apparently the package support was split out some time ago, and I missed the announcement.

Everything else is running smoothly...


  1. I have faced the problem and discovered that firefox is not a useflag of epiphany. The use flag inducing the use of firefox is the absence of xulrunner as a flag.
    So instead of putting -firefox in your make.conf add xulrunner

  2. I've left it with both, and I can confirm it works fine. I could try to remove the "-firefox" USE flag and see what happens I guess.


  3. Thanks for posting this work-around. I can confirm +firefox +xulrunner works.