Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Basketball sneakers...

People that have met me in person know I am not really into fashion. I dress poorly, but at least I am comfortable in what I am in. Unfortunately I do have a thing for shoes - basketball sneakers to be precise. I was just thinking of the shoes I have owned recently, and in this case, I was focussing on basketball sneakers. Here's what I have had (from memory):
  1. Nike Air Jordan VIs (originals)
  2. Converse Aero Jams (original Johnson's)
  3. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars
  4. Nike Air Max Sensations (original Webber's)
  5. Reebok Original Pumps
  6. Reebok BB4600
  7. Nike Air Jordan "6 Rings"
Out of all the shoes there, I would consider the most comfortable to be the Air Jordan VIs. They also looked quite good for their time. The worse I would think were the Converse Aero Jams - as I usually wore shoes until the sole disintegrated, and this caused the gel fluid to leak out all over the place - much to the hatred of my parents who could not figure out why there was all this yellow gel fluid all over the carpets. The "6 Rings" are the current shoe I use. Quite new, they have design elements from many different Jordan shoes - 6 to be exact. When I saw them in store, I could help but notice that they looks like Jordan VIs, VIIs and VIIIs - which are, in my opinion, the best looking Air Jordan shoes Nike has ever made. Very comfortable too!

Nike Air Jordan 6 Rings - Black and WhiteNike Air Jordan 6 Rings (excuse the hair on the legs!)

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