Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Government censorship - it sucks!

Whether it is the Australian government attempting to put a firewall around Australia's internet traffic, the banning of video games in Australia, or the Chinese government altering athletic details - and then trying to cover it up, there is one thing in common: CENSORSHIP SUCKS.

More recently, Stryde Hax writes on his blog that there has been a cover-up of athlete's ages. This seems to be something which stems from the Chinese government, but is assisted by the cooperation of search engines. Do follow the links - it does make an interesting read. It's not about sports, it's not about the Olympics, it's not about the common Chinese people - it's about a group of people entrusted to taking care of a department in a country (ie. in a position of power and trust), manipulating the facts for their own advantage. Seriously, it makes you think that the rules set up by the IOC are a waste of time, and in general, the IOC is a farce. Don't even get me started on Kevin Gosper and his dubious acts... that's a post for next time...

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