Friday, 28 March 2008

Video game censorship in Australia

This may be an interesting day in the history of censorship in Australia. According to an article on, the government is going to be discussing if a R18+ rating needs to be implemented for video games.

While I am opposed to censorship in general - believing that all information should be accessible to anyone who is seeking for it, I believe that not implementing the R18+ rating is just an indication that the Australian government has not caught up with technology, and is still living in the past.

I do believe that kids should be protected from certain content, but this should be done by role models (ie. their parents) - and not regulated by a governing body "for the good of all". As history has always show, what starts off as a great idea (eg. protecting lives on the road by limiting the speed of vehicles travelling on it), will get corrupted over time (eg. revenue raising via speed cameras - or "road safety camera" as the government will lead you to believe).

Let us all hope that the correct decision is made...

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