Friday, 25 January 2008

...and welcome back

With the recent discussions of Daniel Robbins and the future of the Gentoo Linux foundation, it's obviously kick-started some work done on their website (not by me personally, but more likely from the community on the mailing lists). News is now being populated, and there is a clear discussion forming over what needs to be done to make the 2008.0 installer CD. The mailing lists and the package updates are happening at a furious pace (as always).

Keep in mind, though, you don't actually need to use the Gentoo installer CD to install Gentoo Linux. You can use any LiveCD that runs Linux to install Gentoo. Some that come to mind are:
As long as the CD boots up on your PC, establishes a connection to the Internet (or somewhere you can get the Gentoo stage 3 tarball), and allows you to partition your hard drive, you're good to go for an install of Gentoo.

Great to see!

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