Thursday, 5 January 2012

First win in the MTG League at Games Laboratory

In what seemed to be a basic to medium tier level match up, I have finally won my first match in the Magic: The Gathering (MTG) League at the Games Laboratory. The reason I say it is a basic to medium tier level match up was due to the opponent I was playing was using the store's deck.

To be honest, the store's deck was not extremely well made. It was playing the same colour as I was using - a green and black deck, but it did not really have any combat tricks. All it was trying to do was essentially a brute force attack with creatures, with hardly any removal. There was some enchantments that slowed down my attacks, but the real tipping point was that, out of nowhere, a creature with the infect mechanic would be cast to attack me. One infect creature out of the entire deck that did not have infect - not a very well thought out deck, and it appeared to be just cobbled together by just opening some boosters. The only late game interesting card was Sorin's Vengence, but by the time it was played, I had already established my main creatures I wanted to attack with. There was also good use of the Dismember card.

I think the store deck is meant more for a confidence boost for players that are just figuring out the game and the format - much like me. I wouldn't mind playing it with my other deck, which is white and blue. Hopefully I will have a chance to win with that too. I did say to one of the other guys I do play in the League that I have learnt more from playing him than I have from playing any of my regular friends that do play - due to the fact that he is always trying to win as quickly as possible. I have beaten him in only one game (possibly out of the 5 times we have played). Hopefully luck will be on my side and I will be able to win some more games.

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