Monday, 12 December 2011

Infinite copies deck

I have been spending some time trying to put together a deck for Magic: The Gathering (MTG) that would make me competitive in the modern format. When I talk about being competitive in a game / tournament, I am implying it will essentially make me sit there not having to think too much on how I play, but just play it as it is - also known as basic piloting. I do not keep track of my game very well, and I need to improve on that aspect of the game to be truly competitive at higher levels.

Stating that, I started to put together a deck based on Samuele Estratti's winning modern Splinter Twin deck. The sole reason I chose this deck over attempting to recreate any other deck is simply the cost. I worked out that the cost of the entire deck would be around the $300 mark. Samuele's deck came in 1st place for the MTG Pro Tour Philadelphia tournament. The deck that came in 2nd had 4 cards that already totalled in excess of $300 - being the Tarmogoyf. My new challenge with this deck was not just to replicate it, but to keep it in a modern legal format. Since Samuele's win, 2 of the main cards he used have become banned - Ponder and Preordain.

This is what I have come up with so far:
I still need to work on what I would include in the sideboard. The deck works well against most decks, and it does have a good chance of getting a win condition by turn 4. I have played a few people with it, and it appears to be successful against most decks with the exception of decks that strongly manipulate the graveyard - and decks that are either vintage or legacy format.

I will post an article in the future about this deck when I decide what should go into the sideboard. Until then, I am open to suggestions.

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