Monday, 25 April 2011

Happy (Green) Easter to all!

Happy Easter to all, regardless what your beliefs are. Some people (mainly in Christian or Catholic based countries) will have a few days off work, and for the majority of you, I hope you have a safe and festive time.

The reason I made a mention for the "green" in the title, is that the Boston Celtics have swept the New York Knicks in the 2011 NBA Playoffs, 4 games to 0. I could not have a happier Easter. It even overshadows the fact that I am currently in Canberra for Easter.

Canberra is usually quite dull for most parts of the year, but it is especially quiet and dull when public holidays occur. The exodus mentality I have previously discussed is still well and alive here in Canberra this year. Saying that, the people here are still rude. Last night I was driving down the (still incomplete) Gungahlin Drive Extension, traveling at the posted 60 km/h speed limit (due to roadworks), and I had a car driving very close to the rear of my car (tailgating), and flashing their high beam lights at me for me to speed up. This is not the excitement I was hoping to experience. I can say I stuck to the speed limit for over 6 kilometers. It was obvious that the AFP took the Easter period off patrolling the streets of Canberra, allowing all the locals to ignore any speed limits. Why do people who reside in Australia's capital city, where laws are made, have a blatant disregard for the law? From my understanding, law was made to be fair for all. I guess being a Canberrian means you have carte blanche to pick and choose which laws you choose to obey.

Anyway, getting back to one of my original topics, I wish the best of luck for the Boston Celtics in the remainder of their campaign to win their 18th championship in 2011.


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