Saturday, 25 December 2010

My gift to you for the festive season

If I have offended or upset you with any of the content I have written, just do what intelligent people with freewill do - just stop reading! It's the Internet. Go to another website that is more family safe. This applies to everyone and anyone - including people I know, people that have been in relationships with me, and people I will never meet. Exhibit freewill and choice. Don't complain to people that can't make a difference. Don't hand your power over to the government. Censor yourself. And this applies not to just this post or this blog, but to everything on the Internet or through other forms of media. If you don't like what you are taking in, do something else. Some people seem to have forgotten they have choice. I've even heard of people complaining to others during inappropriate moments. Your "ability to choose" is my gift to you - the reader of this blog.

Lastly, Christmas may have become more commercialised over the years, and may have lost a lot of spiritual meaning for many people, as well as meaning nothing for a lot more other people, but it is always a time where people can show their appreciation for each other. So, show some appreciation for the people around you that care for you. I would like to wish everyone everywhere a joyous, festive, and safe Christmas period, regardless of personal or religious beliefs.


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