Thursday, 21 August 2003

Ok... so I'm a little slack with this page still...

I'll admit I'm a little slack when it comes to updating this page. It's not like there's nothing I have to talk about (or "whinge" about)... It's just been that I've been busy at work... and unfortunately I need to work to pay bills...

The main thing that's been happening is the continual discussion of SCO vs. IBM and the associated fall out from SCO also going after users of the supposedly infringed code. This case appears more and more to me like a matter of interpretation of US Laws, and I for one do not know how this will apply to Australian Laws. It also appears to be a test in the US courts of how strong is the GPL License.

On another front, there is an increase in studies based on desktop deployments of Linux. I do believe that Linux is technically up to the task, and just needs to be sold to people who have a closed mind to anything but Microsoft. It looks like a massive up-hill battle, and it may wage on for a few years yet.

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