Sunday, 8 February 2009

The Big Merino

Went to Goulburn yesterday for lunch on recommendation of NutMeg. She suggested to try the Paragon Cafe in the main street. On the way into Goulburn, from Canberra, is the Big Merino. I've always had a fascination of everything "big" in Australia, and had to stop to take a few photos.

While taking photos, a car load of local guys rolled up to yell abuse at me for taking photos of the Big Merino. While this did not alarm me, as they were probably unintelligent and bored, this is something that should alarm the Big Merino operators, as well as the Goulburn tourist board. Scaring away visitors from a city that has been bypassed from the Hume should not be tolerated, as I'm sure Goulburn would want entice as many people as possible to stop and spend some money. Maybe I'm wrong, and Goulburn does not require any additional tourist money.

Big MerinoBig Merino

ric_man and Big Merinoric_man and Big Merino

Big Merino side shotBig Merino side shot

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