Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Telstra - another way to increase profits

This orginally came to me in an e-mail but I kept forgetting the number. So I decided to put it into a blog entry so at least I would know where to look for the information.
For anyone contemplating using the Sensis directory service number, 1234, DON'T!

Sensis, as you may or may not know, is a subsidiary of Telstra. The 1234 number is replacing the Telstra 12456 directory assistance number, but this time with outrageous costs attached: 40c to call the number, then 4c A SECOND! By law, Telstra have to provide a FREE directory assistance number, because they are still majority owned by the government. They choose however not to pass this number on to the public. What's the number?


Thumbs up to Telstra for finding a way to charge for a service that is supposed to be provided for free.

Don't know how accurate the information is about Telstra and the law, but feel free to pass this information around.


  1. Danielle from Sensis23 April 2008 at 11:03

    For anyone seeking clarification (or believing inaccurate information that has been circulating for more than 2 years) around Telstra Directory Assistance (1223), Call Connect (12456) and Sensis 1234, we've listed some points below that might help:

    Sensis provides three numbers for Telstra customers# looking for information via the phone.

    1.Telstra Directory Assistance on 1223.

    Telstra Directory Assistance is available on 1223 and is free for callers from Telstra residential fixed services and Telstra payphones.

    The charge for business and mobile calls to Telstra Directory Assistance is $0.50.

    The Telstra Directory Assistance service on 12455 is no longer offered. For a limited time, calls to 12455 will be diverted to the new Call Connect service on 12456

    2. Call Connect on 12456.

    The Call Connect service is an operator-assisted “connection service” providing connection for White Pages directory requests, and listings information and connection for Yellow directory requests.

    A White Pages directory request is where the caller provides the name and location of a person or business. These callers will be connected through to the requested number.

    A Yellow directory request is where the caller asks for contact details for a particular type of business, without asking for a particular business by name. These callers have the option of being connected to the requested number.

    Callers to Call Connect will be charged a service fee of $0.99, and $0.88 for successful connection (plus cost of connected call). Calls from mobile phones will also attract air time charges at the caller’s applicable rates.

    3. 1234, recent changes and a new and greater range of content.

    Call charges for 1234 have been simplified and time based charging no longer applies. Now a service fee of $1.40 applies for calls to 1234, and $0.88 for successful connection (plus cost of connected call). Calls from mobile phones will also attract air time charges at the caller’s applicable rates

    Sensis is also making a greater range of content available on 1234. New content includes sports results, information about what’s on in capital cities, restaurant reviews, world times and dialling codes, and a new ‘find a fact’ information service.

    This is in addition to the content already available on 1234 such as White Pages and Yellow listing information, movie session information, weather, surf, and snow reports and street directions.


    Danielle from Sensis

  2. Hi

    Just wanted to provide a short update to your article.

    The 1234 service is charged at $1.40 flat flag-fall and $0.99 for optional requests to be connected to the number asked for. This price reflects the higher level of service offered by 1234, including having a person answer your call, being able to multiple requests for information in a single call, the provison of the information you ask for by SMS to your mobile and a broad range of information available such as turn-by-turn street directions and wikipedia information.

    1223 on the other hand is free only from residential fixed line phones and provides a basic, automated directory assistance service only.

    Nick Winbanks
    Marketing Manager - Sensis Voice

  3. From the two people claiming to be from Sensis, thanks for your comments. I used to remember when "013" was openly advertised, and then one day, it was just stopped. Around that time was when I noticed Telecom Australia started rebranding itself as Telstra, and Sensis started appearing as well.

    From memory, if the automated service cannot find your name, then you'd drop through to a real live person. And that was still free.

  4. Don't forget that if you take more than 6 seconds to tell them the name of who you want or they can't find it almost immediately they'll hang up on you.

    Most of them are rude too, probably because they're stressed working in a call centre instead of being able to frolic in the fields.

    Love and hugs to Sensis. Stamping erroneous facts from the internet.

    Capt. Dan